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Hoe maak je melk kefir

Hoe maak je authentieke melk kefir?

How to make Milk Kefir In order to make authentic milk kefir, you need to get the supplies ready and follow the steps carefully. Here is the step by step direction on making authentic milk kefir: Get the supplies ready: First of all, you need milk, but you should make sure that the milk is not lactose free or ultra pasteurized. Raw milk or low...


All about making kefir with a freeze-dried starter

All about kefir starter cultures Kefir is a probiotic drink which is well known for its various health benefits. The healing qualities of kefir have been known since the ancient times. It is a traditional health drink that is recommended to everyone. Many people prepare kefir at home. The trick with making kefir at home is using the proper starter culture. The starter culture is...

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De voordelen van melkzuur gisting

De gezondheidsvoordelen van melkzuur gefermenteerde voedingsmiddelen meestal consumeren we veel goede voedingsmiddelen waarover we nauwelijks enig idee over wat het eigenlijk is of de voordelen ervan. Het beste voorbeeld van dergelijke voedingsmiddelen is yoghurt, gepekelde groenten en vele anderen. Al deze speciale voedingsmiddelen gebruiken melkzuur gisting die een biologisch proces is waarin glucose en sucrose of lactose en...