Hoe maak je authentieke melk kefir?

Hoe maak je melk Kefir

Om authentieke melk kefir, you need to get the supplies ready and follow the steps carefully. Here is the step by step direction on making original milk kefir:

  1. De voorraden klaar te krijgen: First of all, you need milk, but you should ensure that the milk is not lactose-free or ultra-pasteurized. Raw milk or low-fat milk is preferred. Next, you would need a strainer made of stainless steel or nylon. The other supplies you would require are a bowl, a jar, a breathable lid, a plastic spoon, vanilla, or fruit extract.
  2. Bereiden de kefir korrels: To prepare the kefir grains, strain off the kefir milk in which they are dispersed. Then, rinse the kefir grains in a bowl with spring water or milk. Strain off and rinse again till you are satisfied.
  3. Feed de kefir korrels: After the kefir grains are prepared, you must feed the kefir grains adequately. Place the Kefir korrels in a sterile jar and fill the pot with milk. You must ensure that the jar is large enough to have adequate space between the lid and the milk. The ideal ratio is for every one teaspoon of kefir grains, and you need 1 cup of milk.
  4. Dekken en gisten: The jar should then be covered with a breathable lid. You can use a coffee filter or a paper towel. However, please do not use a cloth with large holes as it will result in contamination. It would help if you kept the jar in a cool place. Sunlight is not required. Allow the kefir grains to ferment for about 24 hours.
  5. Bepalen of de kefir klaar is: It is pretty tricky to determine when the kefir is ready. Tilt the jar slightly to see whether it is gel-like or runny. If you find that it is gel-like, be sure that your kefir is ready. It has been found that fermentation is faster in summer than in winter.
  6. Spanning de afgewerkte kefir: Place the strainer over a plastic bowl or bowl made of stainless steel. Pour the contents of the entire jar into your strainer. Allow it to strain slowly. You can use a sterile spoon to stir the kefir so that it strains through the bowl perfectly, leaving behind the grains in the strainer.
  7. Voeg smaken: Je kunt fruit extract mixen met de gespannen kefir te verbeteren zijn smaak.
Hoe maak je melk kefir

Video – instructable – hoe maak je melk kefir

Dit zijn de zeven stappen die u moet volgen om melk kefir. You can store the kefir grains in the jar to feed them with fresh milk and repeat the process.

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