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Health Benefits of Kefir: Buy kefir grains online

Kefir health benefits Kefir grains come in two varieties. The most common are the milk kefir grains, and the others are the water kefir grains. The Kefir users agree that the first users of kefir were the people of the Caucasus, Russia. The story tells about how the people of the Caucasus accidentally discovered kefir grains in the leather bags where they kept their milk....

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The Health Benefits of Kefir

Kefir: nutritional and health benefits Kefir is a cultured dairy product and one of Earth’s richest probiotic foods. Asian and European folk medicines use this product to cure various illnesses and ailments. Fermented milk from goat, cow, or sheep milk is much like a drinkable yogurt. It is high in calcium, vitamin B12 and K2, magnesium, enzymes, folate, biotin, and probiotics. Kefir’s nutritional value may...