How to rehydrate water kefir grains ?

How to activate dried Water Kefir Grains ?

Water kefir is a very healthy beverage. It is made with sugar water and water kefir grains. The plenty of probiotics present in this fermented beverage can improve the digestive system of your body. Water kefir grains are different from milk kefir grains. The milk kefir grains are white in color whereas the water kefir grains look more as semi-transparent crystals.

How do water kefir grains look like ?

Here you can see how do water kefir grains look like when they are still FRESH

Here you can see how do water kefir grains look like when they are DRIED

Here you can see how do water kefir grains look like when they are DRIED

Though you can easily buy fresh kefir grains, using dehydrated kefir grains is a better idea. Especially if you have a friend who regularly makes water kefir, then she will surely have some stored dehydrated grains which you can use to make kefir. In this fast paced life, it is sometimes difficult to buy fresh kefir grains as they have to be dealt with, right away. Dried grains can be used whenever you have time.

How to Rehydrate or Activate Water Kefir Grains

Rehydrating water kefir grains is not a difficult task. Here is the detailed process to rehydrate kefir water grains:

  • The dehydrated kefir grains would look yellowish brown or reddish brown in color, when you would purchase them.
  • Instructions are written generally on the back cover of dehydrated kefir grains which tells to soak the dehydrated grains gently in a sugar mixture and keep it undisturbed for a few days. It is better to soak the dehydrated grains in sugar mixture for about 3-4 days.
  • To rehydrate the water kefir grains, you need to prepare the sugar mixture first at room temperature. Take four cups of water and dissolve 4-6 tablespoons of sugar in it. Stir the water so that the sugar gets totally dissolved in it. It would be better if you use mineral water or purified water instead of chlorinated water. You can use either brown sugar or white sugar, depending on your preference.
  • Now you should pour the sugar water mixture into a big glass jar. Add the dehydrated kefir grains in the jar.
  • Now cover the glass jar with a coffee filter or a tea towel. You can fasten it with the help of a rubber band.
  • Allow the grains to become plump in the sugar water mixture. Let the grains get rehydrated properly for about 4-7 days.
  • After the water kefir grains have undergone the process of rehydration, the grains would look plump and thick. 2 spoons of dried kefir grains can enlarge to almost 1/3rd

Thus, you can see that the process of rehydrating kefir water grains is so simple and easy. Once you have rehydrated the kefir water grains, you can proceed with making water kefir.

Water kefir is simple to make

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