The Benefits of Lactic Acid Fermentation

The Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

We often consume many good foods about which we hardly know what it is or their benefits. The best example of such foods is yogurt, pickled vegetables, and many others. All these specialty foods use lactic acid fermentation, a biological process in which glucose, sucrose, lactose, and other sugars are changed into metabolite lactate and cellular energy.

What causes lactic acid fermentation?

Fungi and bacteria are responsible for causing lactic acid fermentation, and the most important bacteria is Lactobacillus. Today, at every step, we consume antibiotics to fight diseases. Although these are bacteria, they sometimes kill the beneficial bacteria in the human body that offer immunity and the strength to fight infections. Hence, we must have lactic acid-fermented products to keep the immune system working correctly.

Lactic acid fermentation is used to produce various types of specialty foods worldwide. In the Western world, yogurt, sourdough bread, olives, and cucumber pickles are standard items. In contrast, in other parts of the world, it is used in pickled vegetables, Kimchi which is a fermented combination of radishes, Chinese cabbage, garlic, red pepper, and ginger, kefir, fermented milk, fermented cereal and milk mixture, fermented rice and shrimp mixture and many others for their unique health benefits.sauerkraut The sour taste present in these foods is due to lactic acid fermentation. It also improves the safety and microbiological stability of the foods. Cheese, yogurt, and kefir are the best examples of lactic acid-fermented foods that are slightly sour. The sugar contents in cabbage act as preservatives when converted into lactic acid.

Advantages of lactic acid fermentation

The benefits of consuming lactic acid-fermented foods are endless. Here is a list of only a few of the advantages that you will enjoy:

  • Lactic acid-fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt, kefir, etc., and other fermented vegetables help maintain and restore the required levels of beneficial bacteria and improve digestive health.
  • If beneficial bacteria are present in the body, you can prevent other diseases caused by harmful bacteria.
  • Lactobacillus Plantarum, one of the most used lactic acid fermentation bacteria in a considerable amount in fermented cabbage, sauerkraut, etc., has terrific medicinal effects on the consumer.
  • It supplies Vitamin C.
  • Reduces chances of diarrhea.
  • Effective in dealing with constipation and bowel movement problems and pains.
  • Reduces flatulence and bloating to a great extent and thereby relieves bowel-related pains.
  • Enhances the digestive system.
  • Since antioxidants are present in lactic acid fermented foods, they help to reduce free radicals.
  • Lactose is hard to digest. But the fermentation process turns it into easily digestible lactic acid.
  • It helps to produce Omega 3 fatty acid, which is exceptionally beneficial for digestion and healthy living.

Preparing fermented foods like yogurt and kefir is not difficult. Since they are fermented using friendly bacteria, namely Lactobacillus, you can keep yourself healthy by working up a little. All you need is milk, live yogurt, and a sterile container, and the process is straightforward. Another unique lactic acid fermented porridge is Magog, made with maize and wheat flour that contains bacteria. Kefir fermentation is like yogurt fermentation. The difference is that kefir uses bacteria and yeast for fermentation. Kefir grains contain proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids and, when fermented, are extremely good for health. You can also make your fermented vegetables. You can also opt for organic ingredients that you rely on for a better and healthier life.

We often consume many good foods about which we hardly know what it is or their benefits. The best example of such foods is yogurt, pickled vegetables, and many others. All these specialty foods use lactic acid fermentation, a biological process in which glucose, sucrose, lactose, and other sugars are changed into metabolite lactate and cellular energy.


Kefir is fermented from milk using kefir grains, yeast, and bacteria symbiotes. The resulting drink is tart and thick, resembling yogurt in flavor. According to scientific studies, Kefir has improved many aspects of health, including digestion, inflammation, and bone health. Among people who were lactose intolerant, kefir was found to improve digestion significantly. This was a small, older study. Symptoms include abdominal pain, gas, and diarrhea because the affected person’s body cannot break down the sugars in dairy products.

Compared to milk, the lactose content of kefir is lower. Kefir is made by fermenting milk with kefir grains containing bacteria that break down the lactose. An additional older study found that people who consumed 200 mL of kefir daily for 6 weeks had lower levels of inflammation markers, which are linked to severe health problems like heart disease and cancer. The acid in this beverage may also be good for your bones. Drinking kefir for 6 months improved bone mineral density compared to the control group in a study of forty people with osteoporosis, a symptom caused by weak, porous bones. Kefir is great for sipping straight or mixed into smoothies and other drinks.

Kefir grains ferment organic milk into a sour yogurt drink. Of all our cultures, it has the highest concentration of bacteria and yeasts. Milk kefir is not a popular beverage. Treat it as if it were a pharmaceutical. The sour flavor can be masked by adding fruit, and syrup or blending the drink into a smoothie.

The fermented milk beverage made from organic milk kefir grains is a specialty of the Caucasus. It has a sour, tart flavor like yogurt but is served as a drink, and it has a slight fizz. Carbon dioxide, a byproduct of fermentation, is to blame for this. The fermentation period determines the final flavor. Kefir made from milk is high in beneficial bacteria and a reliable source of calcium. Isolated and identified strains of bacteria in kefir grains reveal a rich microbial diversity. Lactobacilli, Streptococcus, Lactococcus, Acetobacter, and Yeasts are the four genus groups that contain all the known species. Milk kefir is one of the best sources known, with over fifty strains of bacteria and yeasts isolated from it. Over twenty distinct types of bacteria and yeast have been identified in our milk kefir. Milk kefir grains ferment dairy sugars into lactic acid, carbon dioxide gas, and a trace amount of alcohol. Because of the low alcohol content of fermented milk kefir, we have never experienced any intoxicating effects. Even so, if you’re prone to alcohol intolerance or have been instructed to abstain entirely, you may want to give this some thought.

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Kombucha, a type of fermented tea, is effervescent, sour, and full of character. The powerful health benefits of green and black teas are included in this beverage. There is some evidence from studies on animals that drinking kombucha can reduce chemical-induced liver toxicity and damage. In addition, kombucha has shown promise in inducing cancer cell death and inhibiting cancer cell spread in test-tube studies. In addition to lowering glucose and triglyceride levels and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, kombucha has been shown to have beneficial effects in animal studies. Even though this research shows some encouraging results, more studies involving humans are required. Now that it’s become more mainstream, you can find kombucha at any supermarket. You can also make kombucha at home, though you’ll need to take extra precautions to ensure it doesn’t get contaminated or ferment too much.


In their original form, milk kefir grains aren’t very stable. However, keeping the necessary temperatures and feeds consistent while transporting or shipping the grains is challenging. .

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One more benefit of fresh kefir grains is their increased storage time. This is helpful because you’ll have more time to prepare for the grains’ arrival and to get started once you get them. If you have a friend who is already making kefir at home and you trust them to have kept their grains healthy, you can obtain fresh kefir grains from them. You can also buy fresh grains online from retailers, but they need to be shipped quickly in the right weather conditions and soaked in fresh milk as soon as they arrive, or else the cultures will die.

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