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Learn to make water kefir. Water kefir is a probiotic, fermented beverage that can be flavored with a variety of juices.

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Growth of water kefir grains in different seasons

Water Kefir brewing in different seasons The growth of water kefir grains depends on seasonal variations. As we know, all living organisms get affected by seasonal, climatic, and environmental conditions. Kefir grains are no exception. The subtle seasonal variations affect the growth of kefir grains. Let us consider the example of a tree. With the changing seasons, we find the tree to grow, bear fruits and...

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How to make authentic water kefir?

How to make Water Kefir? People have been looking for the next cool thing in beverages to exploit since kombucha broke onto store shelves as the trendiest drink in the Beneficial Beverages category (according to industry professionals, this means that they have a genuine health benefit as their major appeal). Some companies have already solved the riddle, but water kefir is not a novel concept....

What is the optimal water to sugar ratio for making water kefir?

What is the optimal water to sugar ratio for making water kefir?

What is the ideal water-to-sugar ratio for water kefir? It is essential to know the ideal sugar-to-water ratio when you are preparing water kefir. Without knowing the balance, you wouldn’t be able to make water kefir. The optimum ratio is three parts sugar and twenty parts water. It means 3-10 % solution of sugar and water. So, if you take one cup of water, you...

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How to make Water Kefir ?

How to make Water kefir? Water kefir (pronounced as keh-FEER) isn’t as popular as milk kefir. But it’s the same concept. Moreover, it’s easy and quick to make, providing an abundance of probiotics for improving digestive health. Water kefir is a fermented beverage teeming with probiotic bacteria, which is highly beneficial. It is simple and, at the same time, quick to prepare. Once brewed, it...