Homemade Kefir Making Benefits

1. You'll save money:

Homemade Kefir is better than Store-Bought

Kefir is a beneficial fermented probiotic beverage with a thicker consistency than yogurt and an extensive list of health advantages. Making your kefir is beneficial for both your physical and financial wellness. Making your kefir at home is simple, and many think it tastes better. You can quickly manufacture your own kefir at home if you’re unsure of the quality of store-bought kefir.

Compared to homemade kefir, which has a richer flavor and may even glitter when new, store-bought kefir often has a more liquid and sour taste. The kefir’s various strains are mostly to blame for this. For instance, while authentic homemade kefir has between 40 and 60 bacteria strains, commercial or store-bought kefir only has about ten strains. Kefir with more strains is healthier for you because it has a richer, more varied, and probiotic-rich nutritional value! Additionally, fermented drinks often have a naturally sparkling or fizzy feel. This is not the case when you buy commercial kefir because the product contains chemicals and other preservatives to extend its shelf life.

On the other hand, while making your kefir, you are fully aware of the ingredients used. Kefir, unlike kombucha, simply requires milk and kefir grains as its primary ingredients (starter culture). If you decide to manufacture your kefir at home, many lactose-free, non-dairy choices may be prepared using coconut water, fruit juice, or your favorite non-dairy milk (coconut milk, oat milk, nut milk, cashew milk, etc.). Let’s explore the advantages of creating your kefir in greater detail.

Making your kefir at home is a straightforward technique! Kefir grains can also be found online, in some supermarkets, or by shopping with us for DIY kefir goods that are both high-quality and reasonably priced.

  1. Store-bought kefir is more expensive

At supermarkets, you can buy readymade kefir. But this kefir easily costs € 4 a pint. If you go for one week every day to purchase kefir at a store, you soon lose € 28 a week. While if you make the kefir itself, you bear only the cost of the milk. Milk costs € 0.65 / liter or € 2.28 / weekly prices on milk. The payback period is less than a week.

 2. You will create less waste

I hate to buy plastic. It is still polluting the environment, and even when it is recycled, it takes forever to break down if it is just collapsed (if not recycled). I’m always looking for ways to reduce my plastic consumption. By making homemade kefir, I work to reduce waste!

3. Eliminate the toxins that are in plastic

Culturing homemade kefir in glass jars can prevent undesirable exposure to BPA and other toxic substances!

4. Buy kefir once and make kefir for life

When purchasing kefir grains, you can make unlimited kefir. Kefir is the ultimate reusable culture. For more information about the process of making kefir, see the instructions on our blog!

5. Each day, or if you wish, fresh kefir is available

When you create your kefir, you can make as much kefir as you think you need.

6. Lactose intolerance? No problem

An essential feature of homemade kefir is that you can decide what you use to make kefir. Milk kefir grains are versatile and can be used in cows’ milk (raw or pasteurized), goat’s milk, soy milk, or even coconut milk. This provides opportunities for people with lactose sensitivity.

7. Homemade kefir is fresher

Make your homemade kefir, and you will get the freshest product. This also means it will be richer in probiotics than those sold in the store.

1. You'll save money:

Where to buy milk kefir grains near me?

Have you heard about the special drink of the prophets and want to try making it yourself? Are you looking for some kefir cultures or perhaps some cultures to spice things up? Kefir hop is the best place to look for people sharing some kefir grains through social media. Kefir makers frequently share their kefir. Aside from kefir grains, other cultures can provide you with the satisfaction of creating healthy beverages. Examine who is sharing some kefir grains.


Product: You will receive one generous tablespoon of live organic healthy milk kefir grains, which will produce at least 1 cup of kefir a day and much more as the kefir grains grow.





For sale are healthy active milk kefir grains. Make your own delicious and healthy probiotic-rich kefir! Kefir improves digestive and bladder health boosts the immune system and reduces sweet cravings. A tablespoon costs €10. My customers are delighted with the kefir they produce using my kefir grains.

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