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Healthy cultured dairy products

Cultured dairy products are healthy and nutritious. You can find the popularity of cultured products everywhere around the globe. They are consumed in enormous quantities in every country. All people love probiotic dairy products such as cultured yogurt and kefir as they have tremendous beneficial properties.
If you think that cultured dairy products mean only yogurt and kefir, then you are wrong. You will read in this article many more cultured dairy products, such as Matsoni, Ayran, and Viili. So, here are the eight healthy and excellent cultured dairy products that you must include in your diet:
  1. Kefir: Kefir is a popular cultured dairy product. When kefir grains are mixed with raw milk, kefir is obtained. Kefir grains are symbiotic clusters of beneficial bacteria and yeast. The kefir grains are spongy and small. It looks like cottage cheese. This cultured dairy product has a strikingly tart taste with effervescence. Therefore, it takes people some time to get used to this beverage. Kefir is fabulously rich in folic acid and many more nutrients. The origin of kefir is the Caucasus region. It takes around 1 day or longer for the fermentation of kefir.
  1. Yogurt: Yogurt is the most popular cultured dairy product everyone likes. The unique thing about yogurt is that it is a thermophilic dairy food product. To culture properly, yogurt requires heat. To make yogurt, you must culture milk with thermophilic bacteria capable of producing lactic acid. The most popular strain of bacteria used in yogurt is Lactobacillus Bulgaricus. You can use a yogurt maker to make yogurt. You need a starter culture and a heat source to make yogurt.

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  1. Filmjolk: This is an excellent Swedish cultured dairy product. It has a mild sour taste. It is a tasty, cultured dairy product. To make Filmjolk, you need to culture it at room temperature. You do not require a heat source to culture Filmjolk. The strains of bacteria used to make Filmjolk are Leuconostoc mesenteroides and Lactococcus Lactis. The tangy taste of this cultured dairy product is because of these strains of bacteria.
  1. Ayran: When yogurt is mixed with salt, the cultured dairy product is known as Ayran. It is a cold beverage trendy in Turkey and other Turkic countries such as Iran, Bulgaria, and Armenia. People often describe Ayran as diluted yogurt. Ayran is a great drink to consume during the summer. It is served chilled. It is a traditional and popular Turkish drink.
  1. Matsoni: It is a delicious, cultured dairy product of Eastern Europe. It is said that the beneficial properties of Matsoni help in prolonging life. Some unique strains of bacteria that produce lactic acid are used to make Matsoni. Therefore, it has a mild sour taste and a slightly syrupy consistency. Children love to have Matsoni, especially for their breakfast. Many people also love to have Matsoni by pouring it over the fruits. Matsoni is easy to prepare as it is mesophilic.


    Matsoni Yogurt, also known as Caspian Sea Yogurt

  1. Viili: This is another fantastic, cultured dairy product. It has a Scandinavian origin. Although Viili is a popular beverage in Sweden, it is also quite popular in Finland. The gelatinous and ropy texture of Viili is obtained due to lactic acid bacteria and yeast. Viili has a mid-sour flavor liked by children and people trying sour probiotic dairy products for the first time. Traditionally, Viili is served with gooseberry jam or another sweetener. Since it can be cultured at an average temperature, you do not require a yogurt maker to make Viili.
  1. Blaand: This is a traditional and popular drink in Scotland. Blaand is prepared for many years in Scotland. However, most people have never tasted Blaand even once in their lives. Blaand generally has an alcohol content that is similar to wine after fermentation. However, if Blaand is fermented for too long, you will get an unpleasant taste. It would taste more like vinegar.
  1. Bonny Clabber: This is another traditional and popular cultured dairy food of Scotland and the Southern United States. Bonny clabber is eaten at breakfast with cinnamon, molasses, and nutmeg. This dairy product does not require any starters. The probiotic properties of Bonny Clabber arise directly from the natural flora present in milk and your surroundings. It is easy to make. You only need whole raw milk to make this cultured dairy food.
So, these are the 8 healthy and excellent cultured dairy products you can include in your diet to maintain good health. If you are bored with yogurt and kefir, this is the time to try new cultured dairy foods such as Matsoni, Viili, or Ayran.

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