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Homemade kefir contains more strains of good bacteria and yeast, than store bought kefir.

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Welke soorten melk die kunnen worden gebruikt voor het maken van zuivel kefir?

Choosing the best milk for making Milk Kefir Kefir is a fermented milk product that is known for its huge health benefits. Though the flavor and tart of kefir is similar to that of yogurt, kefir contains much more beneficial qualities than yogurt. The best kind of kefir can be made from raw organic milk that is fresh and hygienic. However, every one cannot make...

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7 redenen zelfgemaakte kefir beter is

1. You’ll save money: Homemade Kefir is better than Store-Bought Store-bought kefir is more expensive At supermarkets can buy readymade kefir. But this kefir easily costs € 4 a pint. If you go for one week every day buy kefir at a store, you soon lose € 28 a week. While if you make the kefir itself, you bear only the cost of the milk....