May I use metal utensils while making Kefir ?

Choosing Equipment for making Kefir

Kefir grains are a great blessing from Prophet Mohammad and have innumerable qualities to induce good health. Hence when preparing kefir milk, one must be aware of the utensils and other things used in the process. It is a big question nowadays as to whether metal objects can be used when preparing milk kefir.

The fact is, when this unique product was first used, there was nothing like metal utensils. But with the advancement of technology, modern people use various utensils and containers for their regular cooking and storing requirements. But if you are making milk kefir, you better not use metal objects. There are specific reasons why metal items cannot be used while making kefir. The first reason is that kefir grains are acidic, and so when they come in contact with reactive metals, they readily react.

Which metals should be avoided when preparing kefir?

Metals like brass, iron, copper, zinc, and aluminum are the most common among the reactive metals. If kefir grains are stored, or kefir milk is prepared and stored in containers made of any of these metals, the metallic ions of the container will come in contact with the naturally acidic grains. If these ions from the heavy metal containers accumulate regularly, toxic levels can rise, thereby contaminating the milk thus produced. Its harmful effects can be fatal as well.

Today stainless steel is a popular metal that is used to make various types of utensils. It is an inert metal and is therefore used in preparing kefir in stainless steel utensils. The sieves, bowls, and containers can safely be used to store kefir water or milk, and the spoon too can be used to stir the milk kefir.

We advise NOT to use metal utensils while making kefir

We advise NOT to use most metal utensils while making kefir

What’s the best strainer for Kefir grains?

However, the most inert element is glass and is, therefore, the safest for storing kefir as it is non-reactive. Plastic strainers and stainless steel strainers can be easily used in the making of kefir. A bamboo strainer can work well too. It is available in different sizes and shapes. The thin bamboo strips are unique kefir strainers. Ideas and lifestyles have changed. But if the advantages of kefir milk are to be enjoyed, one must avoid using metals. Glass, wood, or plastics are the best choices.

We advise to use plastic or wooden utensils while making kefir

We advise using plastic or wooden utensils while making kefir

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