Make your own Bulgarian Yogurt

Making Bulgarian Yogurt with a starter

Bulgaria is a country with a surprisingly rich yogurt history. Greek yogurt for long has been the rage, and it is hard to recall what type of subpar yogurts were being spooned down earlier.

To have delicious Bulgarian yogurt, you need not make a trip to the distant land of Bulgaria just for the sake of yogurt. However, you are welcome to do so if you desire. All you will need is to lay your hands on the unique Bulgarian yogurt starter with a genuine Lactobacillus Bulgaricus. Luckily, with this article, you will precisely get the product you seek!

Many often ask if it is true that the Lactobacillus Bulgaricus bacterium is only found in Bulgaria. The correct answer is no, not at all – you will be able to grow this bacterium in any part of the world (in fact, many do). What is surprising and unique about the Bulgarian strain is that only in Bulgaria is the quality preserved in other generations of this strain, in other words, if you have been using the past yogurt for initiating the new batch. Suppose you have been following the process of making your yogurt anywhere other than Bulgaria, outside Bulgaria. In that case, you will soon notice that after one or two batches, the yogurt loses its original unique taste, flavor, physical appearance, and qualities.

Why this happens is yet unknown to scientists. Quite often, it is referred to as the distinct climate of this region. Still, there is much more to creating the ideal conditions for the Lactobacillus Bulgaricus than the environment.
So, now the question is, how can you create your Bulgarian yogurt miles apart from home? However, the answer is simple – by using any dried and frozen yogurt starter culture with the live Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, which had been produced in Bulgaria. Using a new culture and reaching a batch of your yogurt, you get to preserve the uniqueness of taste and the essential qualities of yogurt. And gradually, this way, you could achieve that familiar taste of kiselo mlyako, very much like the one our grandmothers used to prepare. If you have already got the ultimate and true “Bulgarian yogurt starter,” you could share the information here and help others with the facts and detailed yogurt-making tips.


Bulgarian yogurt is a popular yogurt kind, and preparing it at home allows you to manage the ingredients, making it healthier. Our Bulgarian starter yields delectable, thick, and creamy homemade yogurt. Bulgarian culture is an heirloom culture, which means you can manufacture limitless excellent Bulgarian yogurt from a single starter!

Bulgarian yogurt Recipe

Any milk will do – cows, sheep, goats, skim milk, whole milk, raw, pasteurized, sterilized – it always works! It can, of course, be done in a yogurt maker, but an oven, an instant pot, a thermos, or any warm location would also suffice.

Ingredients needed to make one liter of Bulgarian yogurt

  • One liter of milk
  • Bulgarian yogurt starter


  • Heat the milk momentarily to 90 degrees Celsius to kill any bacteria and react with the microorganisms. Furthermore, it gives a more stable structure. Stir constantly to prevent the milk from scorching. This is not necessary if you use sterilized milk.
  • Cool to 43 degrees Celsius. Using a thermometer or the tip of your index finger. Put your pinky in the milk to test the temperature; if you can comfortably count to five, the milk is at the proper temperature.
  • Stir the yogurt starter well.
  • Pour the milk into the pots you intend to ferment it in. Cover the containers with a loose lid. Do not seal it completely.
  • Keep the containers as warm as possible. Wrap them in blankets, place them sous-vide, in a thermos, in an ‘instant pot’ with the yogurt setting, or in an oven with only the light turned on, and lay them aside to rest.
  • The yogurt is ready after about 5-6 hours. Check to see whether it is firm enough. Add a couple more hours if necessary. You can leave it longer for a denser yogurt with a more acidic and biting flavor.
  • Refrigerate it for a few hours before serving for the best results – it becomes firmer and tastier!

A dried yogurt starter may require a second “fermentation cycle” to reach its full potential. This entails starting a second batch with a tablespoon from the first. The second batch will be far superior.

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