Kefir korrels kunnen worden benadrukt, wat kan ik doen?

Hieronder zal ik uitleggen hoe om te beginnen beste, incase van Water kefir

First, what is the optimal kefir grains to water ratio?
Kefir will usually start to yeast between a ratio from 1:10 to 1:18. This means that 1 tablespoon of kefir grains will ferment at about 1 cup of sugar water and may increase over time to a ratio of 01:24 (= 1 tablespoon kefir grains in 1,5 cups of water). For starters, try using a ratio of water to kefir grains of about 1:16 to 1:18. We note that in the winter, the kefir grains grow less rapidly than in the summer. In summer, Kefir korrels can grow about 300% grow within 48 hours, while in winter, an increase of 5% may be normal. It is also appropriate for starters NOT to begin immediately with dried fruit. Water kefir korrels tijd nodig aan te passen aan hun nieuwe omgeving en de verandering van voedsel. Daarom beginnen we met een suiker-oplossing zonder de toevoeging van gedroogde vruchten.

What is the optimal water to sugar ratio for water kefir?

The optimal ratio is dissolved about 5 to 10% sugar in water, approximately 1 tablespoon sugar per 1 cup of water. Make sure the sugar is well dissolved. Please use unrefined sugar, often dark in color and may have a slightly salty taste because of the minerals present. These minerals are essential to obtain a good kefir culture.
Provide an ideal temperature of 18º to 28ºC, even when creating a new batch. This is important. Customize tempered sugar water to its environment (room temperature) before mixing with the kefir grains. The above tips may be useful as a starter, but nothing stands in your way to start finding the ideal proportions.

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